Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SPC 2009: Scaling SharePoint 2010 Topologies for Your Organization

This is a recap of what I could capture during the Scaling SharePoint 2010 Topologies for Your Organization Session.  The big change here is around Service Applications.  It allows you more flexibility when scaling your architecture.  I will add a follow-up post later covering the migration piece they glanced over in this session as I am attending the migration deep-dive session.

Service Architecture Recap

  • Flexible Deployment Model

    • Improved Security Model

    • Claims Based Authentication

  • Cross-farm communication via web services

  • Service Isolation

    • Each service app uses separate database and optionally separate app pool.

    • Support for multiple service apps for a service with different accounts and databases

  • Multi-Tenancy

    • Some Service Apps can be partitioned to handle multiple tenants

Choosing an Architecture

  • Consider both logical and physical aspects

  • Start with a logical architecture

    • Consolidated vs Distributed

  • Build it out as a physical architecture

  • Scale out as needed

Logical Topology Considerations

  • Business Needs

    • Organization many need isolation between respective services (ie. HR, Legal, etc)

  • Regulatory Restrictions

    • Geopolitical

    • Regulatory

  • Information Architecture

    • Architecture of web sites influence association to Services

Physical Topology Considerations

  • Scale

    • Scale-up/Scale-out needs influence physical topology

  • Link Latency

    • Host services close to users and content

  • Directory Architecture

    • Host services close to directory for better auth

Scaling Services – Option 1

  • Scale within the farm

  • Scale-up

  • Scale-out on each tier

    • Add WFEs for content servers

    • Additional app servers for computer-intensive services

    • Scale SQL for data-centric services

  • “Affinitize”

    • Specific web apps to WFEs using NLBs

    • Services on specific app servers

Scaling Services – Option 2

  • Multiple Farms

  • Split services into separate farm

    • Security boundary

    • Usage/scale

    • Political/organizational

    • patching flexibility

  • Multiple services farms

    • Geo-distributed

    • Load

    • Split search out first

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